Transaction Experience | K2

Salas O'Brian Merges with K2

Industry Focus: Acoustics & Technology

Investment Bank’s Role: Buy-Side Advisor

Result: Salas O’Brien Merges with K2

Synopsis: On December 21, 2022, Salas O’Brien Merged with K2. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, K2 provides Audio, Video, Acoustics, Lighting, telecommunications, Security, Custom programming, and AV networks. Acoustics & Technology has been a sector focus area for Salas O’Brien following the Firm’s Merger with Idibri in 2021. K2’s capabilities and portfolio compliment Salas O’Briens existing technology and acoustics team and increases the combined team’s ability to provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services like acoustical design, electronic safety and security system design, and customized audiovisual solutions.

Website: thisisk2

More Information: K2 a Salas O'Brian Company