Buy - Side Mergers & Acquisitions

Excalibur Advises large Multinational Conglomerates, Middle Market Strategics, Family-Owned Companies, and Private Equity Funds seeking Opportunities to grow their Businesses through Acquisition, Merger, Joint Venture, or Partnership. Under Buy-Side Engagements, Excalibur assists Clients in identify M&A Opportunities relative to Industry Sector, Enterprise Value, Profitability, Geography, and Share-Holding Structure. The Investment Bank specializes in Cross-Border M&A Transactions having helped Clients source M&A Opportunities in major Markets across Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, South America and the United States. Excalibur’s typical Buy-Side Engagements entail Public & Private Companies with $500 Million – $4 Billion in Operating Revenues looking for M&A Opportunities in Europe or the United States.

Sell - Side Mergers & Acquisitions

Excalibur Advises Middle Market Companies whose Shareholders are seeking Exit Opportunities to monetize their Shareholdings. The Investment Bank works to replicate Supply & Demand in Private Markets by creating Auction Processes that pair Sell-Side Clients with Strategic and Financial Buyers. Resulting Offers seek to establish a Basket of Liquidity Options for Clients that provide various alternatives to Shareholders with regard to Enterprise Valuation, Transaction Structure, and Cultural Fit. Whether through Sale, Divestiture, or Minority Investment, Excalibur has helped Clients source Sell-Side M&A Opportunities in major International Markets throughout Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, South America, and the United States. Excalibur’s typical Sell-Side Clients entail Closed Corporations, ESOPs, Family-Owned Companies, and Private Partnerships with $50 Million – $500 Million in Operating Revenues.

Capital Raising

Excalibur works with Venture Startups, Seed Stage Companies, and Entrepreneurs to build their businesses, accelerate Growth, Improve Margins, and expand their Branding. With a primary Focus on Companies Operating in the Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Biotechnology, Internet, IoT, Life Science, Software, and Technology Sectors, Excalibur seeks to work with those Businesses & Entrepreneurs at the forefront of Innovation and Technological Change in the Marketplace. The Investment Bank’s relationships with Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, Private Investors, and the Investment Arms of Large-Cap Strategics, as well as Senior Management’s ability to Self-Fund Promising Companies, ensure that Clients are able to evaluate a Basket of Options that will provide the Capital and Strategic Relationships necessary to propel their businesses to the next level.