Nelson Engineering

Salas O’Brien Merges with Nelson Engineering

Industry Focus: Federal & Commercial Engineering

Investment Bank’s Role: Buy-Side AdvisorStatistics: $20 Million+ Enterprise Value | 100+ Employees

Result: Client Merges with Nelson Engineering

Synopsis: On April 15, 2022, Client Merged with Florida-based Nelson Engineering to complement its existing work in the science, technology, and federal government markets. Nelson Engineering is an employee-owned engineering firm that provides services to the federal government and commercial customers. The company offers reliability engineering, facility system design, operations and maintenance engineering, facility system commissioning, green facility engineering-LEED, aerospace engineering, product research and development, environmental engineering, safety engineering, training, general service administration, and electrical services. It serves civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical, aerospace, industrial, environmental, and fire protection industries. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in Merritt Island, Florida.